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College Cost And Planning Solutions

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Whether you just have a list of questions or want on-going help through the process...

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Build a college plan with:

Less Financial Impact

Less Stress

Less Time

Less Family Conflict

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Calling All Parents of College-Bound Teens!

What if you could help your kid confidently choose a college experience with the most opportunity and the least financial impact?

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Here's how most families go about planning for college:


They start off with some Google searches about learning how to pay for college, but quickly get frustrated and give up.


So, they let their kid lead the process, deciding what schools they like based on all kinds of factors.


They think about talking to their child about paying for college, but because they aren't sure if they can contribute or how much college they can afford, they become apathetic about working with their kid to optimize the financial impact. They then opt for the easiest (but often most costly) solution for themselves or their child.


And they stick their heads in the sand until the last minute.

Eventually, it's time to apply. They muddle through the process as best as they can, feeling uncertain and anxious every step of the way. Maybe they end up borrowing from their retirement, maybe their kid ends up with loads of student loans, or maybe everything works out okay. Either way, they can't help but feel that there has to be a better way—and there is!

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Having a clear idea of what individual colleges will cost?

Knowing exactly how much you can contribute towards your child's college education?

Creating a college list that fits your child's interests and your financial situation perfectly?

Having one-on-one support and a fully organized system to create a college list, plan out all four years of paying for college, and stay on track through the application process?

Have We Met?

Hi, I'm Rynda!

I'm the founder of the College Cost & Planning Solution. I know how it feels to be a frustrated mom, totally perplexed by the prospect of planning for college.

As a Certified Financial Planner and financial coach, I've worked with hundreds of clients on the other side of the college planning experience. Most were young adults who had little guidance when it came to paying for college and ended up struggling to make even the most budget-friendly student loan payments. In the extreme cases, some were earning less than $40,000 a year while trying to tackle over $100,000 in student debt.

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