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About Me

Rynda Wilk, CFP, MBA

I have over 20 years of experience in the finance industry, and sending my oldest kid to college still threw me for a loop.

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When it came time to help my son through the college planning process,

I thought I had an advantage...

But all of my experience and knowledge as a financial professional was no help against:

A college system that advertises prices that almost no students actually pay

Schools that use financial aid forms in various and unique ways to determine how much, if any, aid they will give

A plethora of websites advertising scholarship information that seems to be only a ruse for collecting personal details

A culture that places a premium on brand name schools

and to top it off...

​A kid who paid a lot of lip service into wanting to go to college, but put very little effort into making it happen!



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When I decided to open my own financial coaching practice, I felt like the greatest good I could do would be to help families avoid the high debt scenarios I heard about from so many clients. Experiencing my own frustration and listening to the confusion of so many other moms trying to help their kids muddle through their applications only confirmed my assumption that there's so much need and so little help available in the college financial planning process.

I put together the resources that I needed in order to understand with full clarity how to help my son plan for his college experience⁠—and now I'm making my system available to you!

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