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5 Ways To Get Un-Stuck When Planning For College

Look - I know you're going to feel paralyzed at some point along your college journey. Nothing is going to seem apparent or easily deciphered. A LOT of what you'll want answers to will feel cryptic.

Use these 5 strategies to help you get unstuck:

  1. Check with the specific school if it's a school specific question. Believe it or not, a lot of schools are happy to talk to their applicants, so don't be afraid to suggest that your student call their admissions officer for help. Also, a lot can be found by just reading the admissions page on the school's website. Yes, I said read...your student won't like it but it's amazing how much they'll find out - LOL.

  2. Check with friends who recently went through the process.

  3. Refer to the source, especially for anything related to FAFSA, the CSS Profile, the SAT, or the ACT.

  4. Join a Facebook Group. A lot of college experts run their own group. Just be sure to consider the source when applying information you find out there. If the 'expert' is weighing in - great! If it's another parent or student, you might want to double check before you make any big decisions based on what you find out.

  5. Work with a Pro - Like me, through The College Cost and Planning Solution!

Before you know it, your student will be starting school and you will both have survived the process!!

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