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A Peek Inside the College Cost and Planning Solution Experience

When I set out to design a college planning solution, I knew it had make life easier for you and your teen, otherwise - what's the point? I've designed it to give you clarity about how it all works and confident that you're not going to derail your or your child's financial future. I've also designed this program to give you one on one support the whole way through so you'll be sure to achieve everything you set out to achieve.

One On On Planning Conversations

When you sign up to work with me, you'll be getting access to me, personally, from day one. We'll be working together via Zoom every other week for 6 sessions, AND you can visit me during virtual office hours if you have questions in between meetings. We can also stay in contact via WhatsApp.

Video And Written Education

A lot of what you'll want to know is common to all late stage college planners, so you'll be able to get up to speed using strategic educational videos leaving our one on one time to address what is specific to your situation and matters the most to you.


There may be some homework in between sessions as well to help you and your student get your thoughts in order to prepare for our meetings and assist you in decision making.

Family Involvement

The first meeting is a family affair as I get to know you all and learn more about your goals for education and where your head is at from the beginning. After that, meetings may involve either the parents or the student or both, depending on what we'll be working on.

Accountability Tracking

At the end of every meeting, we'll lay out your game plan for the next couple of weeks to keep you on track and working toward your goals.

As a financial coach, I'm here to educate, guide, encourage, and provide accountability to you, but you and your student will be doing the work and decision making. Just like in sports, the coach does so much and makes a huge difference to the team, but she can't play the game for them.


The best part about having ME for a coach? I'm going to be your biggest cheerleader as well! We'll celebrate your wins along the way.

You'll know you've won the game when you finish the program knowing exactly where you want to apply, exactly how to apply, AND exactly how you'll pay for all four years of college!

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