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College Planning With My Son #2 - Taking The SAT (Or Not)


Two weeks ago, I finally got my son to sit down and solidify a plan with me to apply to 4 schools - MIT, UF, Bucknell and Penn State Behrend College. I bet you can't guess which one is his reach school!

We also had a bit of an SAT debacle in the mean time. You see, Parker was scheduled to take the SAT in August at his school, and I signed him up for PrepScholar online because my pediatrician recommended it saying that her son's score went up by 300 points after he used it for one summer (for about 80 hours). It turns out that he only used the program for 15 hours the whole summer, much less than he promised! - but that's a gripe for another day. Anyway, the college board kept sending out emails saying to check the cancellation list to make sure your test location hadn't cancelled. So - finally I did that, and his school was listed. I was quite bummed and perplexed. Why on earth would they cancel when other schools in our area hadn't cancelled? Well, didn't matter, we'd be waiting until the next test date on October 2nd.

Turns out - the test wasn't cancelled at his school. There are two schools with the same name in our state and the OTHER one was cancelled. Needless to say, I feel pretty stupid, not to mention that I lost my registration money, AND shared the cancellation with a friend whose son really needed to take the exam and now he also is having to wait till October. YIKES!

I'm hoping this works out to our advantage since his Language Arts teacher is doing a lot of SAT prep in class right now which is his weaker area.

He can also go ahead and complete his early action applications and submit his SAT scores later when they come back, so our time line is still in tact!

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