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College Planning With My Son #5 - 1 Down, 4 To Go

Parker has until November 1st (11 days from now) to submit four applications and he's almost finished one of them. I guess that doesn't sound like too much to brag about. The essays are going to be the biggest thing because, now that he's collected everything he needs to fill out one application, he shouldn't need much else for the second application which he'll use for all the remaining schools. We haven't even checked to see what essays the other schools require, though.

One thing I've learned from all of this is that it's not a good idea to rush those essays. Parker is very creative and expressive when he takes his time, but when he feels rushed, he writes the most boring stuff you can imagine! Boring essays are NOT going to do him any favors.

Here's his plan to get himself to the deadline:

  1. He is working on his college apps whenever possible at school. For him, that would be his "Teacher's Assistant" class and weight lifting.

  2. He is working at least one hour a day at home except for the days he works because of getting home after 8:30 on those days.

  3. He'll be working for 2 hours/day on both Saturday and Sunday.

Hopefully, we'll still be talking when this is over with!

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