College Planning With My Son #6 - And...They're In!

We did it!!! I'd like to say HE did it - but that wouldn't be entirely accurate. He did take initiative to get the process completed before the deadline, though, with my help, so that's a win!

What you should know about the final push to get all of your applications completed so you can press that submit button is this: REVIEW THEM CAREFULLY! He almost forgot to write a couple of short response essays. Also, don't wait until the last day to review them because, we found that we needed to go back to his guidance counselor with another clarifying question or two before we could submit. You don't want to be making requests of other people at the absolute last minute - that puts you in a precarious place. You're at their mercy for one thing. I've found that most people involved in the process are super helpful, but there's always that one person who's having a bad day. Also - they could be flat-out unavailable for some reason.

I'd like to say he can just sit back and relax now and wait for school acceptance or rejection letters to start coming back in a few months, but, sadly, that's not the way it works.

Next steps:

-Write thank you notes to the people that wrote recommendations for him.

- Finalize any steps needed for the application process. That's right, some of the schools have one due date for the application and then other due dates for things like transcripts, SAT scores, CSS Profile, etc.

- Check due dates and requirements for Merit Scholarship applications at each school.

- Contact Water Polo coaches for each school.

- Start applying for Private Scholarships

I have given him this week without saying a single word about college. I think he earned that at least - LOL !