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How CCPS Takes Away Deadline Stress

Planning for college? I hope you're good at juggling.

I'll tell you why, and 3 simple ways you can get good at it.

Once application season begins, you'll have applications to submit - each with individual deadlines for things like the main app, the financial forms, the honors college apps, and the school transcripts. Add that to the deadlines for private scholarship apps and possibly communications with athletic coaches, music directors, etc, and you've got yourself a whole heap of potential deadline anxiety.

You don't want to carry all of that around in your brain everyday, so do yourself a favor, and try one of these simple organization techniques to clear out that brain space and make room for more important stuff - like the release date of the next season of your favorite tv show.

  1. Calendar - A real live desk or wall calendar! Put it some place you walk by a lot so you can't help but refer to it regularly. Use it to stay organized during your weekly college planning check-ins with your student. Make a note 2 to 3 weeks before each deadline to start working on the next task.

  2. Trello - Use a computer app that you and your student share to stay on track like Trello, Jira, etc. This is nice because you can easily include due dates, links, names and contact information, etc. It's also really easy to see what you need to do and what you've already accomplished.

  3. Work with The College Cost And Planning Solution - One on one meetings include to-do items for the next couple of weeks, accountability check-ins, and time for you to get your questions answered. Whenever you get stuck, you can speak to me one on one during office hours. Best of all, you'll have access to organization tools that make it easy for you and your student to stay on track throughout the college planning process.

Book a call to talk about how I can help you!

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