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How do you find the right school for your kid?

This is a question I’ve heard repeated hundreds of times by parents planning for college.

Most are looking for THE right school and plan to do whatever it takes to send their kid to THAT school. This kind of thinking creates so much stress on the parent!

I’d like to rephrase the thought to - How do I find A school that's right for my kid?

It’s not as though there is only one perfect fit and if you fail to find it, your kid is doomed.

There are lots of viable alternatives out there, and you only have to find one of them!

Here’s how you’ll know you’ve found one -

  • Sending them won’t hinder your ability to meet your other financial goals

  • It won’t put you or your kid in a stressful financial situation during or after 4 years of school

  • Your kid can see themselves fitting in socially and academically

  • It provides a springboard for their career path

  • It has 2 of the top 3 characteristics they are looking for in a school

  • It doesn’t have any traits that make it a “hard no”

The College Cost and Planning Solution is designed to build a list of school options that have all of these characteristics by using a multi-step, in depth process so that you can be sure no stone has been left unturned. We give you tools to make the decision and application process doable and, hopefully, enjoyable!

If college planning is on your mind, reply “Yes!” below.

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