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My Strategy For Building A College List

Ah, the school list. If you’ve started thinking about college planning, you know it well. You’ve heard about the safety school and the reach school. You may have poked around the myriad of college search tools to do your research.

With the +/- 4,000 colleges and universities in the US alone, how is one to narrow down the list?

At 21Finance, as part of our College Cost and Planning Solution, we look at:

Your Personal Goals

  • We start by getting to know you better, which includes finding out more about your goals pertaining to college through our Wants and Needs Assessment. We know you might have to compromise, so we also assess the best places to compromise with the Flexibility Analyzer. But, if you could have it all, we also want to know what your best case scenario is, so we help you dream big with a Visualization Exercise.

Your Financial Goals

  • There’s what we want, what we need, and what we can pay for. To get to the bottom of that, we start with your Financial Inventory and then use it to complete The College Budget Builder. Fortunately, there is a lot more to building a college budget than the amount you’ve saved up for college, and we help you walk through and discover every possibility.

Your Career Goals

  • You may know exactly what you want to major in and do for a living, but not everyone does. To help those students who need it, we introduce you to an Interest Profile to nail down your interests and strengths, and then we use that information to complete the College Characteristics Worksheet.

To meet our goal of clearing away the confusion of shopping and applying for an affordable college in a way that is doable, understandable, and even enjoyable!

  • With all this homework done, we’re ready for the fun part - shopping!, and we have the perfect College App for the job. We can search, sort, narrow down and rule out to our hearts content to come up with the best options for your college list.

Reply "that's me!" if you're thinking about what it takes to make a college list.

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